Shon's Absolute Auot Glass in PlacervilleChips and small holes turn into cracks, and cracks grow bigger! Fixing them is not just for looks. It's for safety, too. Fix them now and save money by not having to replace the whole windshield later.

Chip repair is faster and cheaper than replacing your whole windshield. Most full coverage insurance policies cover it 100%.

Shon's Absolute Auto Glass uses only the best quality resins and specialty tools to fill in chips, holes and small cracks. Afterwards, your windshield be as good as new. Only by careful inspection will you be able to tell where work was done.

Shon's Absolute Auto Glass
Don't put off repairing your windshield. The problem will only get bigger. Call us today.



questionMark_blueDid you know in California you can get a ticket for a crack in your windshield, especially if it's in the driver's line of sight?

Did you know your windshield is actually part of your vehicle's overall safety system? When it is uncompromised by chips and cracks, a windshield provides as much as 50% of your vehicle's rollover strength. And you thought the best reason to fix a chip or crack is to keep your line of sight clear!

Did you know these can make small cracks grow big: cold conditions, air moisture, small impacts, a bump in the road, or even just vibrations from everyday driving?

Did you know chips and cracks in your windshield increase the chances that objects like rocks and tire debris can break through the glass. Don't put off replacing your windshield!

7 Steps to Fixing Chips & Cracks

We can fix this for you.

1. Got a few rock chips or a small crack?

2. You probably don't need a new windshield.

3. We can fill those cracks and chips with resin, making them disappear and restoring the integrity of your windshield.

4. The cost is ___________

5. It will take 20 minutes, a little longer with several chips.

6. We can probably fix it today.

7. Call 530-295-1818 for an appointment. Or click here to write us a note, and we'll call you.

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