Shon's Absolute Auto Glass in PlacervilleChips, holes or cracks in your windshield happen! It's a fact of life. Even breakage. When it's time to replace your windshield, you'll like that Shon's Absolute Auto Glass is close, fast, dependable and easy.

At Shon's Absolute Auto Glass we have a huge inventory of windshields, in fact, it's the largest in the area. This means chances are good you won't have to wait for us to order your new windshield and then for it to arrive. In most cases we can have your car in and out in about an hour!

We use only the best quality parts and specialty tools to replace your windshield. Our technicians are the best trained in the business. And you get a full lifetime warranty against leaks, defects and workmanship.

Shon's Absolute Auto Glass
Don't put off replacing your windshield. Call us today. We'll make the whole process fast and easy for you.



questionMark_blueDid you know in California you can get a ticket for a crack in your windshield, especially if it's in the driver's line of sight?

Did you know your windshield is actually part of your vehicle's overall safety system? When it is uncompromised by chips and cracks, a windshield provides as much as 50% of your vehicle's rollover strength. And you thought the best reason to fix a chip or crack is to keep your line of sight clear!

Did you know these can make small cracks grow big: cold conditions, air moisture, small impacts, a bump in the road, or even just vibrations from everyday driving?

Did you know chips and cracks in your windshield increase the chances that objects like rocks and tire debris can break through the glass. Don't put off replacing your windshield!

7 Steps to Replacing Your Windshield

Shon's Absolute Auto Glass will replace your windshield fast and easy.

1. Your windshield has several chips or a crack in your line of sight or that's more than 6-inches long.

2. Choose Shon's Absolute Auto Glass to install a new windshield for you fast and easy.

3. We probably already have in stock the right replacement windshield for your car.

4. The cost may be free, depending on your insurance.

5. It will take approximately an hour.

6. We can probably do it for you today.

7. Call 530-295-1818 for an appointment. Or click here to write us a note, and we'll call you.

7 Benefits of Clear-Bra Paint Protection

Clear-Bra paint protection at Shon's Absolute Auto Glass

1. Protects from damage while allowing paint color brilliance to show through as it helps preserve the value of your vehicle.

2. Is totally aerodynamic and requires no special aftercare or maintenance.

3. It is nearly undectable.

4. You can wash and wax it as usual.

5. It won't fade, yellow, crack, peel or harm factory paint.

6. It can be safely removed and replaced.

7. Film is computer cut to fit vehicle's make and model so installs quickly and perfectly every time.

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WE'LL DO IT TODAY! Our huge inventory means no waiting for parts.

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